Racing Club became the first semi-finalist in the League Cup by thrash 5-0 to Aldosivi from Mar del Plata in Avellaneda.

A brace from Carlos Alcaraz, In the first stage; Y two others by Enzo Copettithe first penalty, plus the contribution of Javier Correain the plugin, they sentenced the series of quarters in favor of Fernando Gago’s team, the only undefeated team in the competition.

For those of Martin Palermowho agreed to this instance out of sheer determination, although it was not enough to pass the phase, it was all disappointment.

In the previous one, Gago and Palermo -companions in Boca and in the Argentine National Team led by Diego Armando Maradona- They melted into a genuine hug. Already from the beginning game, which was electrifying, who celebrated was the first: to the right, Rojas sent a precise center left-handed at the head of Alcaraz, who brand free pointed to the opening for the premises in just over two minutes.

For Aldosivi it ​​was a real pineapple from which it cost him to recoverbecause in his attempt to equalize the procedure at least from midfield, It had just been absorbed by Racing, better planted to take advantage of the bands and with its well-known predilection for triangulating and passing the ball well. However, he needed to adjust his last line.

In this point, an escape from Cauteruccio -I stay offside narrowly- It was a wake-up call for the localwho shortly after had a withering counter that Copetti, rushed by Valentini, resolved badly when two teammates licked their lips waiting for his pass.

But it was the night of Alcaraz, because he received a shipping by Chancalay this time from the left and the 19-year-old steering wheel He lowered it from the chest and finished off with a right hand to unleash the madness in the Cylinder again.

Immediately, the youth almost scored the third with a header that goalkeeper Devecchi was able to avoid and in the next play a shot by Piovi was deflected by a rival to the corner. The Academy enjoyed the match and the Shark suffered from it.

As soon as the complement started, Valentini converted a penalty against Copetti, which 9 himself changed for a goal. As if that were not enough, not only “Chila” Gómez drowned out Cauteruccio’s discount, but also Copetti himself, in a half turn and between three opponents, increased the result, at this height unattainable for Aldosivi.

There was time for the admitted Correa to sentence the lawsuit after the ball hit the two posts. Racing wins, likes, scores… and dreams.


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