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Quique: “Florentino is the best president in history”

In what situation does the team arrive with the subject of COVID?

We are cautious and we will make it to Sunday as best we can. The incidence is relatively small for what is happening, but we will be cautious, because there are still two days left and surprises may arise?

How is Vitolo?

He has a recovery and training plan different from the group. We want him to reach his one hundred percent this time before joining the group.

How do you prepare for a match without knowing which players will be available?

We work with the players we have. If the players change the plan, no. We have worked the game as always. We would like to have everyone. The look, the approach and the analysis is the same.

After the victory against Osasuna. Do you see the team more cheerful and united?

The merit of these boys is that in the difficulty they continued to be honest, humble and ambitious. The classification should not change anything. There is a very long road ahead and you have to be in the present moment. The past is to learn without looking back.

Do the losses of Vinicius and Courtois benefit you?

They will have to be confirmed. Courtois’s is not. What is important to us is the news of our players every day. Madrid have their game plan and they always do it in the same way. The great ones think about them and I am not too aware.

Should Courtois play after he has tested positive and negative twice?

I am not an expert, I have no idea of ​​pandemics or viruses. I am very far from knowing about this and I prefer not to say anything.

Would you prefer all the stars of Real Madrid to come?

When you win, you think it is better to win with all available rivals. Before you start, if you don’t play, it lightens the load. Do not be hypocritical. If any player misses this game, he can help us. What I don’t want is for anything serious to happen to anyone.

Is Real Madrid arriving at its best?

I think Real Madrid have been very good all season. They are doing very well. He has the best young guys in the competition, extraordinary. They work very well in team building, gameplay, dealing with their most expert players. In the distribution of minutes they take it well at this time of season. As a club, it always instills respect for its history and the values ​​it has always transmitted. It has the best president in history. We have loved Bernabéu and I know from my father that he was an excellent president, but I think that Florentino is the best president in history.

And does Getafe arrive at its best?

We arrived like in the last two or three months. We come with great enthusiasm, hope. We are prepared and psyched. We do not lose sight of the objectives of each game. The idea of ​​the group must be above the results, because the competition is a roller coaster of emotions and we have to be above. We create something much bigger than single thought to stay that way over time.

What did the goal mean to Darío Poveda?

I imagine a liberation. His past is a story of effort, struggle and survival. When an 18-year-old boy undergoes a complicated operation, at many times things will have crossed his mind. It is a fight against physics and he has to find his reward. That goal freed him, but it is in the daily training sessions where he must definitely find her.

Would a draw be a good result?

When we make the game, we only have the belief of winning. It is the only way to achieve it. If we want it to happen we have to prepare it thinking about it.

What would you say to the fans?

I haven’t asked the fans for anything since I’ve been here. With the difficulties they have had, with the COVID … I am very grateful from day one. They have responded very well, every time I see more people in the Coliseum and we work so that they are happy.

What does Quique ask of 2022?

Much health. I wish time did not pass so quickly, but since that cannot be controlled, I only ask for health.

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