Without his captain Lionel Messi (out of call) nor his coach Lionel Scaloni (affected by coronavirus), Argentina beat Chile 2-1 at altitude of the desert from Calamaby date 15 of the South American Qualifiers.

In the first stage, Angel Di María and Lautaro Martínez scored for the team led by Walter Samuel; Ben Breretton I note for the host.

From the start, Chile came out to put pressure on his guest. But the National Team immediately settled into the field, with the companies that Nico González, Papu Gómez and a very advanced Tagliafico put together on the left; while on the right the De Paul-Paredes tandem asserted itself, with Di María coming down to lend a hand if necessary.

And it was precisely the Argentine captain who received in attack position, rocked, feinted between two rivals and masterfully defined before the sterile flight of Claudio Bravo, the other captain. That early goal silenced the stadium.

Then Alexis Sánchez took over from his team, which was not daunted despite the bucket of cold water that meant being quickly at a disadvantage. Thus, Molina began to have a hard time with the 1-2 that Sánchez and Brereton proposed.

And soon after, the set of the Uruguayan Martín Lasarte reached equality, after Vargas charged Tagliafico until he knocked him down and the ball was tame for Núñez, whose precise center was headed of mouthpiece by Brereton due to the little reaction of the lateral Lucero. With the partial tie, Chilean sympathizers lit up their illusion.

The vertigo did not loosen on both sides, but the Red had achieved a marked improvement. It was thus that the Argentine midfield was able to get out of the siege, De Paul advanced through the center and crossed a right hand that made Bravo rebound, something that Martínez took advantage of to put the Selection back on top.

After the goal, the experienced Bravo -that he was not in good physical condition- he was replaced by Cortes. Next, Sánchez -almost in a hooking position- made the ball between rivals and his shot passed near the first post of Dibu Martinezthat before the break he drowned out Paulo Díaz’s draw.

Chile moved the bank and once again had the initiative in the complement. The very fast Montecinos connected on the right with Pulgar and Sánchez; and as Chile continued to hint at danger, Samuel’s team was deflating.

In search of fresh legs, De Paul – notoriously tired and with two yellow cards that will prevent him from being against Colombia, like Otamendi, Paredes and Tagliafico- he left his place to Lo CelsoAcuña replaced González and Julián Alvarez replaced Lautaro.

In that, “Dibu” Martínez -who appears at crucial moments- took a formidable chance from Breretonthe result did not change, Argentina remained undefeated and Chile thus complicated its qualification for Qatar 2022.



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