Qatar uses deception to arrest gay Mexican

After the crime, Qatari police arrested Manuel Guerrero, a gay Mexican citizen.

Guerrero, who has lived in the Middle Eastern country for seven years, was arrested in Doha on February 4, activists said.

Manuel was the victim of one Modus operandi This is becoming increasingly common in countries that criminalize homosexuality, according to the Manuel Guerrero Committee, made up of sexual diversity groups that are pursuing the case.

The group reported that Qatar police created a fake profile on Grindr, a dating app, through which they contacted Manuel and arranged a meeting with him, posing as another man.

During his arrest, officers administered 0.25 grams of methamphetamine to charge him with drug possession.

He was then transferred to the General Directorate of Counter-Narcotics in Qatar, where he has worked ever since.

From the moment of his arrest. Manuel was a victim of cruel, inhumane and degrading treatment and psychological torture. Authorities attempted to force him to identify other members of the LGBTTTIQ community in his telephone contacts. and they forced him to witness the suffering of other detainees while they were being whipped,” the organization explained.

The incident sparked condemnation from international human rights organizations.

We demand that the Qatari authorities respect the rights of all people in the LGBTQ+ community,” Amnesty International said.

Activists promoted the “Gay is not a crime and Qatar must release Manuel” campaign on social media in both Spanish and English.

In this regard, the Mexican Embassy in Qatar announced that the United Kingdom Consulate was the body responsible for consular efforts in Guerrero.

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This is because the detainee has registered his residence in Qatar as a UK national.

The organization assured that it is in contact with Guerrero’s family.

We demand that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs respond and intervene diplomatically to ask the Government of Qatar, through the Mexican Embassy in that country, for their release and repatriation,” the Manuel Guerrero Committee stated.

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