Putin’s speech to the nation live: He attacks the West because he wants a “dying and backward” Russia

The President of Russia, Wladimir Putin, has told Russians during his annual speech to the legislative chambers that the West wants to see Russia as a “backward and dependent space in extinction.” The White House tenant explained that the US and EU “wanted to do with Russia what they did with Ukraine: provoke discord and weaken Ukraine from within, but they miscalculated.”

Putin asserts that the West has “lost” and has praised Russia’s “centuries of unity” that have created “an invincible force.” He also claims that Russia is a “pillar of democracy” and insists that it will not allow anyone to interfere in its internal affairs. The president held a minute’s silence for Russian soldiers who died in the war and declared that “the people must unite to fight for Russia’s sovereignty.”

He made that clear in his message “Without a sovereign and strong Russia, a strong world order is impossible.” He has also hinted that he is planning Building a new global financial infrastructure, free from politics, with “friendly countries”.

Putin has called on Russians to maintain national unity to meet the challenges of the future. He Tenants of the Kremlin He has told his compatriots that “together we will overcome everything,” in a veiled reference to the war against Ukraine, adding that national unity has allowed Russia to successfully confront “the coronavirus pandemic and global terrorism.”

Putin has just begun addressing Russians in his traditional annual speech to a thousand guests. Russian media believe that this speech is crucial because it takes place shortly before the presidential elections (March 15 and 17) and the embassy’s theses can become the basis of their election program. Last year, the President gave a message on February 21 announcing the suspension of the law New START Treaty on nuclear disarmament.

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The preparations for the annual address by the head of state to the Federal Assembly They have been particularly active in the last few weeks. In this speech, Putin traditionally talks about the situation in the country at the level of both domestic and foreign policy. According to Russian law, the annual address to the chambers is “the basis for determining the strategic goals and priorities of socio-economic development and ensuring the national security of Russia.”

Traditionally at the ceremony About 1,000 people were invited. Among them are members of both houses of the Russian Parliament, officials of the government and presidential administration, heads of the Constitutional Court and the Supreme Court, members of the State Council and the Public Chamber, governors, representatives of religious organizations, diplomats and journalists. , including foreigners.

The speech will take place at Gostiny Dvor near Red Square in Moscow and will be broadcast not only on television but also for free in cinemas in 20 cities across the country.

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