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PS5 Pro specs leaked and Sony investigating

The specs of the PS5 Pro have been leaked

The world of video games is full of excitement, especially when it comes to new console releases. While the arrival of the Nintendo Switch 2 is highly anticipated, it’s not the only console in development.

There are many reports indicating this The PlayStation 5 Pro will go on sale at the end of 2024and now we’ve seen PS5 Pro spec leaks that promise significant performance improvements over the PS5.

Accordingly Reports, Sony has started investigating the source of the spec leaks, which suggests the leaks are real.

The report began last week when YouTuber Moore’s Law Is Dead shared the alleged specifications of the unannounced PS5 Pro in a long video. These specifications come from internal documentation that appears to have been leaked. This sparked a new wave of rumors and anticipation in the community Gaming.

Insider Gaming later confirmed that the Moore’s Law Is Dead leaks were real, as the documentation mentioned came from a PlayStation developer portal. Seemingly, Sony sent these documents to a “large group of third-party developers.”

The leaked documents confirmed this The following PS5 Pro GPU specifications:

  • 45% faster rendering than PS5.
  • Ray tracing 2-3 times larger (x4 in some cases).
  • 33.5 teraflops.
  • PlayStation Spectral Super Resolution (PSSR) scaling/antialiasing solution.
  • Support for resolutions up to 8K is planned for future versions of the SDK.
  • Custom machine learning architecture.
  • Artificial intelligence accelerator that supports 300 TOPS of 8-bit calculations / 67 TFLOPS of 16-bit floating point calculations.

In addition to these specifications, Insider Gaming provided Further details about the PS5 Pro:

  • System memory: 576 GB/s (18 GT/s) – a 28% increase over the standard console.
  • CPU: Identical to the PS5, but with a “High CPU Frequency Mode” that pushes the CPU to 3.85GHz, 10% higher than the standard console.
  • Audio: “The AVC on the PlayStation 5 Pro runs at a higher clock speed than the standard PlayStation 5, resulting in the ACM library having 35% more performance.”
  • More GPU details: “30 WGPs with dedicated BVH8 shaders compared to 18 WGPs with BVH4 shaders on the standard PlayStation 5.”
  • SSD: 1TB storage.
  • Removable storage to make the PS5 Pro as “competitive” as possible.

Although the blog does not mention the price of the PS5 Pro, the console is expected to be released in fall 2024.

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