In Karnataka, the face of Bollywood celebrities has been exposed on the issue of ban on hijab of Muslim students. Senior actress Hema Malini has also spoken out against hijab.

Talking to Indian media, senior Bollywood actress Hema Malini started vomiting poison against Islam and hijab. Opposing the hijab, the actress said that “school is only for education, religious issues are not resolved here”.

Hema Malini added that “every school has a uniform that should be respected, whatever (hijab) you have to wear outside the school.”


The Bollywood actor’s controversial statement has caused a storm of comments on social media, with some endorsing the biased actress’ statement while others have sharply criticized Himamalini.


A user named Nandita said that the Bharatiya Janata Party (PJP) is always chanting the tune of religion while another user said that “in the next phase in India, Sikhs will be prevented from wearing bad clothes”.

Actress Hema Malini is believed to be a member of India’s ruling BJP and a member of the Lok Sabha (National Assembly).