Professional League: Platense beat Defense and left him without a prize

Platense caught up with Sarmiento de Junín in the averages table after beating Defensa Justicia at home 1-0, which prevented him from reaching the top of the Professional League in a game on the eighth date. The goal that allowed those led by Martín Palermo to win again after five dates was converted by their striker Nicolás Servetto after 38 minutes.

Platense technically left the relegation zone by matching Sarmiento in the penultimate step of the averages, who will host River on Sunday night. Defensa y Justicia came into the game with the chance to win and watch everyone from above at least until San Lorenzo played, but they let the opportunity pass.

The visitors imposed their game from the start and had a great chance to open the scoring in the first minute, but Uvita Fernández’s header hit the post after goalkeeper Macagno’s deflection.

Little by little, Platense matched the duel in midfield and had a major prize in a corner, when Servetto appeared at the far post to deflect the ball and score the opening goal.

The goal clarified the panorama: Defense went ahead in search of the tie, while Platense withdrew and defended successfully. For this reason, given the lack of precision on the part of the visitors, the Palermo team held up well, without going through major shocks, beyond the fact that in the discount, the goalkeeper Unsain went up to look for the tie on two occasions.

This is how a monotonous game went, which brought joy back to the squids and which left a bitter taste for Defense for the squandered chance of reaching the top of the tournament.

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