Home Sports Professional League: Colón and Barracas Central tied in Santa Fe

Professional League: Colón and Barracas Central tied in Santa Fe

Professional League: Colón and Barracas Central tied in Santa Fe

Colón and Barracas Central matched 1-1 at the “Brigadier Estanislao López” stadium, in an entertaining match corresponding to the seventeenth date of the Professional League (LPF) that featured great goals from former Benfield, Juan Pablo Álvarez for the local and the son of the president of AFA, Iván Tapia, for the visit.

The local opened the scoring in the first half with a great goal from Juan Pablo Álvarez, but in the second stage, Iván Tapia punished the “sabalero” for his amarretismo with a “missile” that stuck in the corner.

Néstor “Pipo” Gorosito chose the line of three central defenders with Eric Meza and Andrew Teuten as lanes, with the idea of ​​going on the attack every time the Sabaleros have the ball with the mission of forming a line of five each time he is attacked.

While Rondina changed goalkeepers and gave Guido Villar, former Olimpo, a chance, who was stopped in front by a line of five defenders, four midfielders and Bruno Sepúlveda as the only striker.

In the first minutes Colón had the ball, but without depth and Barracas took advantage of that lack of definition and generated the first action, well conjured by Ignacio Chicco. A few minutes later, Guido Villar denied the goal to the locals.

From minute 20 on, Colón began to make the difference in hierarchy feel, Wanchope Ábila, Santiago Pierotti and the Colombian Baldomero Perlaza had chances against Villar. The danger of scoring began to haunt the Barracas area and came after 40 minutes when Juan Pablo Álvarez and Teuten played short in a corner and the former Banfield approached the Barracas area and fired an impressive left-footed shot that hit the far post and got in, to give the opening to the owner of the house.

Upon returning from halftime, Colón fell back a few meters and gave the lead to Barracas, who had a hard time threading plays and generating risk against the local goal. But the locals did not give up the search for the goal in front, so after 10 minutes Rafael Delgado smashed a shot into the crossbar of the visiting goal, as if to warn that those led by Gorosito could hurt when they wanted to.

A few minutes later, those led by Rondina made the locals pay dearly for their setback, since Perlaza played with the ball a few meters outside his area, they stole it from Iván Tapia, hit a long-distance saber shot that stuck into the Chicco angle, for equality.

Later, Villar agreed with Sergio Rondina (he replaced Cristian Arce), when he scored a goal from Ramón “Wanchope” Ábila and Santiago Pierotti missed the rebound. With the passing of the minutes, the Barracas coach built an insurmountable wall in front of Villar and his players lavished themselves with a great effort.

Colón went like a raid on the attack, his tallest men went to the area, “Wanchope” missed an opportunity hitting him with his left foot and first, and the centers rained down, but Villar and his defenders conjured everything up.

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