Home Sports Professional League: Boca brought a great triumph from La Paternal

Professional League: Boca brought a great triumph from La Paternal

Professional League: Boca brought a great triumph from La Paternal

With a goal from the admitted Miguel Merentiel, Boca pulled off a great triumph this friday before Argentine Juniors in La Paternalby date 17 of the Professional League.

Jorge Almirón’s team achieved its second success in a row and was 13 points behind the leader River Plate.

The local started determined to handle the process with the argument of possession of the ball and high pressure. In those first minutes, a besieged Boca did not make foot in the field and so González Metilli warned with a shot that went off next to a post.

So minute 10 arrived and Diego Armando Maradona was deeply remembered in the stands, who wore both jerseys.

On the grass, Villa was not fine with the ball and Benedetto was very absorbed by the brand. In that there was a stay in Roncaglia after a reckless pass behind “Pol” Fernández that Avalos took advantage of and allowed “Chiquito” Romero to shine. Boca responded with an Advíncula qualification for Weigandt that Arias was able to conjure up, but Montiel immediately almost billed his head.

The game was intense, like the rain that fell at times and slowed down the trajectory of the ball., especially in the passes at grass level. But Gabriel Milito’s team in the first 45 minutes was more aggressiveeven with the early departure due to injury of his scorer Avalos.

In the complement, Varela entered Boca for the lukewarm Ramirez to balance half court. But the Bug’s dominance continued.

However, Payero warned left-handed in one of the few visitor arrivals. And despite a new mistake by Roncaglia, chance and Romero saved the fall from the Boca fence.

After an outstanding performance in the success at La Bombonera against Belgrano de Córdoba, Medina entered and gave Xeneize another dynamic. Later, goalkeeper Arias justly rejected a shot from Advíncula.

But with a minute to go, a Peruvian man appeared surprisingly from the left, yielded to the uruguayan Merentiel and he gave victory to Boca, who perhaps He had too much prize before a Bug that did all the spending, but he was left empty-handed.

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