President of Rayo Vallecano has a plan with Radamel Falcao

The Rayista top manager has done a more than outstanding job from his offices, and the results can be seen in the performance of the Madrid team, where he spoke of the future that awaits Tigre.

The two seasons that the Colombian striker Radamel Falcao García has spent in the Vallecano Rayhave had various connotations and perspectives. Despite his 37-year-old age, the coffee ram It remains in elite soccer, and in one of the 5 best leagues in the world. Even in a team that is constantly fighting to get a place in an international tournament.

The problem is that his performance and support for Rayo Vallecano this season is being very little. For this course he has barely played 664 minutes spread over 25 games, where he has scored only 2 goals. Even so, the Rayista president, Raúl Martín Presa, trusts that Falcao García will have a revulsion in the following campaign.

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Falcao García remains in a competitive league like LaLiga Santander, to continue being called up by the Colombian National Team.

Words more, words less, Raúl Martín Presa sees Falcao García at Rayo Vallecano 2023-24

In a recent interview with the president of the franjirrojo team, he was asked about the future of Tigre, and among his words he mentioned that he is staying for now. This means that the sports management under the command of David Cobeño, is already preparing a renewal for 1 more year. What drives the Rayista president to make this decision is what the Colombian means for world football.

“He is the best striker in the world from my point of view. Since Hugo Sánchez I have not seen anything like it inside the area, he is an extraordinary finisher. In addition, the brand image that it gives us abroad is very important because millions of people follow its evolution. His continuity next season will depend on several factors but at Rayo they have him and he has a contract until 2024”. Raúl Presa said.

Asian football pending Falcao García and Rayo Vallecano

Until a few months ago, the future of the former Atlético was beginning to be seen in Asian football, specifically in Malaysia. There, Johor Darul Takzim FC, prepared an offer that for now the coffee striker has not wanted to respond to. Weeks ago, it was the Cruz Azul of Mexico who also tried their luck by sending the proposal, but they have not received a counter offer either.

It seems that Falcao García wants to stay longer at Rayo Vallecano, and try to remedy his situation next season. The injuries have not helped him either, and this is the time he is still in the infirmary. While his recovery continues, in the offices of the Madrid club they debate the continuity of what was once the best 9 in the world.

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