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President Abinader inaugurates a modern sports center in Pedernales

Presidente Abinader inaugura un moderno polideportivo en Pedernales

The President of the Republic, Luis Abinader Corona, together with the Minister of Sports, Francisco Camacho, and authorities here, cut the ribbon this Sunday that left the Sports Center inaugurated, which had been abandoned for 16 years.

A great uproar was felt by athletes, as well as sports leaders and community authorities, at the time of cutting the ribbon.

In addition to the inauguration of the Pedernales Multipurpose Center, President Abinader delivered more than 386 property title certificates to families from the region’s communities.

The Minister of Sports, when taking the floor, asked the athletes and sports leaders of Pedernales to take care of the modern building. “This is a special Sports Center because it is on the border, where the Dominican Republic begins, and it is delivered 16 years later, after the vision of President Abinader,” said Camacho.

The official indicated that the Pedernales Multipurpose Center, which had been unfinished since the administration of Hipólito Mejía, has been fully enabled with the placement of a new floor, lights, panel protectors, construction of the bathrooms and part of the stands.

“Not only are we delivering this multipurpose facility here in Pedernales, but we are planting sports facilities in the South, as President Luis Abinader has established in his government program,” said Camacho, who pointed out that eight other courts have also been conditioned in Flints.

Delivery of sports props

The Minister of Sports, engineer Francisco Camacho, led the delivery of sports equipment for the practice of different disciplines to the leaders and presidents of associations.

Camacho also announced that the Oviedo Sports Center will be reconditioned at a cost of 16 million 800 thousand pesos, money that is already available to start the execution of the work.


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