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Powerful passport list released, what is Pakistan’s number?

The world’s most powerful passport was released, including Pakistani passport.

The Hanley & Partners, a passport rating agency, has released the Hanley Passport Index for 2022, in which Japan and Singapore are once again the world’s most powerful passports.

Citizens with Japanese and Singaporean passports can travel to 192 countries without a visa, while Germany and South Korea are the second most powerful passport holders, and their citizens can travel to 190 countries without a visa.

Indian Passport ranks 83rd and citizens of India can travel to 60 countries visa free.

In the index, Pakistan ranks 108th below North Korea, Somalia and Yemen. Citizens of Pakistan can travel visa-free in only 31 countries, ranking North Korea 104th, Somalia 106th and Yemen 107th, followed by Syria at 109th, Iraq at 110th and Afghanistan at 111th. Is.

How is the rating determined?

This rating is issued at the beginning of each year and is updated every 3 months thereafter.

According to the Hanley Passport Visa Index website, real-time data is updated year-round and takes into account changes in visa policy.

This data is taken from the International Transport Association IATA.

The classification is decided on the basis of how many other countries a passport holder of a country can travel to without first obtaining a visa, ie they do not need to obtain a visa in advance to travel.


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