PostNL – An NFT and a gram of gold; good investment? Analyst thinks so

PostNL – Een NFT én een gram goud; goede investering? Analist denkt van wel

At the beginning of last week, PostNL started selling a very unique NFT. The ‘gold edition’ of the NL crypto stamp added to what was already a first. This extremely rare edition of the PostNL crypto stamp even contains 1 gram of 24 carat gold and according to analysts, gold is currently one of the best investments you can make!

NL crypto stamp Gold Edition

If you a Gold Edition NFT crypto stamp If you order from PostNL, you will receive a physical stamp, which contains real gold, and a digital NFT crypto stamp that you can trade on the Polygon (MATIC) blockchain. In fact, you can say that you are making 2 investments in 1 here! The value of the NFT may increase, but the value of the gold bar in the physical stamp may increase!

If we are to believe the experts in the field, it is also an excellent time to stock up on gold. Historically, the gold price has done very well during periods of macroeconomic turmoil, and that is of course also the case today. Many investors are currently turning to gold because the precious metal gives investors the opportunity to protect their assets.

1 gram of 24 carat gold is worth about $56 today. It’s not crazy to expect that it won’t stop here. According to analysts, the gold price still has a long way to go!

The future of NFTs

The NFT part of the NL crypto stamp Gold Edition is also able to increase enormously in the future. Although the hype in the NFT market is currently not as huge as it was a year ago, it is not at all crazy to expect that this hype will return once the crypto market as a whole recovers.

In addition, the metaverse and Web3 are becoming increasingly important, not only within the world of crypto, but also beyond. These things combined lead analysts to expect an excellent 2023 for NFTs. So there may be a huge price increase for the NL crypto stamp Gold Edition in the offing.

Sale has already started

The sale of the NL crypto stamp Gold Edition started on Tuesday last week. The edition is extremely limited; only 999 Gold Edition NFT Crypto Stamps will be sold. This makes it an excellent opportunity for every dealer and collector.

The rarity of the Gold Edition crypto stamp obviously means that the price is also a bit higher than with the normal crypto stamps. The Gold Edition can be ordered on the PostNL website for €500. This will of course give you the chance to make the investment of a lifetime!


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