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Portugal forms its new government and Montenegro makes its debut and calls for “dialogue”.

Portugal forms its new government and Montenegro makes its debut and calls for “dialogue”.

The new Prime Minister of Portugal, Luis Montenegrofrom the center-right, asked this Tuesday “Maturity” and “Dialogue” to political actors, including the opposition, and assured that his government will not pass by.

“This government is here to govern for the four and a half years of the legislative session.”he said during his first speech as head of the Portuguese government after taking office at a ceremony Ajuda PalaceIn Lisbon.

Montenegro, that will rule in the minority After winning the March 10 election by a very narrow margin, he defended this The situation in the country requires “patriotic spirit and the ability to dialogue” which, according to him, his executive will guarantee and that he expects the same from the opposition.

Although investments were made today, The government will become fully operational when Parliament votes on its program, which is scheduled for next week. Montenegro took the view that further development of this document would mean that the opposition parties would let them “work” and implement the measures.

And he addressed himself directly to the opposition leader, the Socialist Party, who, in his opinion “You must express your stance clearly and authentically: be a democratic opposition or be a democratic blockade.”.

The new Prime Minister reviewed the priorities that your closet will have like one Tax reduction and a Restructuring of public servicesincluding the presentation of a National Health Service (SNS) Emergency Response Program.

He also announced that he would be opening a dialog with all parties present in Parliament to collect their proposals to combat it corruptionwith the aim of creating a “synthesis” and advancing various initiatives within two months.

The government “is here to start one Structural change in the economy and the state, because this is the only way more can be created wealth“We pay better salaries and retain our young people and talent,” he said.

Montenegro insisted that the March 10 polls had a dictated outcome “political changes”after more than eight years in power of the socialists, and he promised to “comply with” the will of the Portuguese..

The Portuguese President also spoke during the ceremony: Marcelo Rebelo de Sousawho guaranteed that he would maintain institutional cooperation with the government, but warned that he would face the challenge Building “majority support” in Parliament. “This requires a dialogue that has to be much more sophisticated,” he said.

Montenegro became Prime Minister of Portugal after winning with a very close result as a coalition candidate in the elections on March 10th Democratic Allianceled by the party she heads, the Social Democratic Party (PSD).

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