Portraits 2.0: How young graduates choose AI-generated portraits for their CV

Graduates who are preparing their LinkedIn profiles and putting together their resumes can cross one task off their to-do list: Take professional photos.

More and more young professionals are using generative artificial intelligence to take photos instead of going to a photographer.

The process is very simple: user You submit up to a dozen pictures of yourself to a website or app. They then select sample photos with a style or aesthetic they want to copy, and the AI ​​does the rest. There are over a dozen of these on the web and in app stores.

Using AI generated portraits is a matter of convenience as you can reuse images you already have in a professional setting. AI-generated portraits recently went viral on TikTok.

@taylee.wells this is insane😭 #CapCut #ai #aiheadshot #trending #foryoupage #xyzbca #trend ♬ 3:15 (Slowed + Reverb) – Russ


“I think it would take a lot of research and zooming in to realize that maybe I’m not.”says a recent graduate who has used one of these services.

However, many of these portrait services are far from perfect. Some of the generated photos have problems, e.g. B. unrealistic hands, or change your body, even your eye color or your skin tone.

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