Pope Francis warns of the “worst danger”: gender ideology

Pope Francis stressed the importance of celebrating the encounter between men and women at a time marked by the rise of gender ideology, which he said is leading to a “threatens to eliminate the fundamental differences between the two sexes.”

The greatest danger is gender ideology, which nullifies differences.”

During the conference “Man and Woman, Image of God” organized by the Center for Search and Anthropology of Professions, the Pope expressed concern about this ideology, which, in his opinion tends to blur the differences between men and women.

It erases the differences and makes everything the same; The erasure of differences means the eradication of humanity.”

Pope Francis’ position is consistent with that of many other religious and academic figures who see this Gender ideology is a danger to society.

In his speech, the Pope also referred to Robert Hugh Benson’s 1907 novel “Lord of the World,” which describes a dystopian future in which all differences have been eliminated. This vision, the Pope said, has prophetic significance in today’s world.

Pope Francis has repeatedly condemned what he calls “gender ideology,” deeming it one of the “most dangerous ideological colonizations of our time.”

Reflecting on his words the Catholic Church’s concern about the impact of these ideas on society and in understanding human nature.

In addition, the Prefect of the Dicastery for the Doctrine of the Faith announced in an interview that the Church is working on a document that sets out its position on moral issues, including topics such as gender reassignment, surrogacy and gender ideologies. This document is likely to trigger intense debate in the religious and social spheres.

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His speech at the international conference reaffirmed the Catholic Church’s commitment to defending traditional values ​​and “human dignity” in the world.

What is gender ideology?

Gender ideology is a set of beliefs and theories question and criticize traditional gender norms and biological sex differences, arguing that these are social and cultural constructs rather than innate aspects of human identity. This perspective states that gender roles, behaviors and characteristics should not be determined by biological sex, but rather are flexible and can be designed and chosen independently by each individual.

Gender ideology advocates for gender equality and the elimination of gender discrimination, promoting free expression of gender identity and sexual diversity. However, its adoption and application in various social, political and religious contexts are subject to controversy and criticism.

Gender ideology poses a threat to the Catholic Church because it calls into question the values ​​it espouses.

With information from AFP.


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