Ponce silences the Mirandilla

Ponce silences the Mirandilla

The storm clouds returned to ravage the Mirandilla. Cádiz saw how two points from their fiefdom flew in the 81st minute, not having closed the match before in the first half, in which he deserved more. In the second, Elche was superior and ended up putting the match, which is of little use to those of Machín, last in the table with five points. Ocampo and Eze Ponce scored the goals. Machín, perhaps looking for an urgent change of course for a team that has not yet won, started the newcomer Carmona. The Sevillian had the first of the game, with a center that was poisoned and made Ledesma intervene.

Elche’s ills begin in the hole in the goal and Cádiz tried their luck from the start. Two days ago Ocampo scored one of the goals of the season, but the VAR, in a highly disputed action, took it away for a previous offense. The Uruguayan would have been eager to reissue it and against Elche he traced it: same band, same position and same place where the ball lodged, the left corner of the rival goal. Only six minutes had been played and Cádiz was already in command. Nothing came out of Elche. At the stroke of half an hour, the people from Elche responded to a shot from Iza hitting the post, with a triple chance from Gumbau, Pere Milla and Boyé, the latter two also hitting the post. Before the break, Cádiz was able to increase the income at the feet of Álex after Alcaraz’s free kick was rejected, but Badia denied him the goal with a save.

The rest suited Elche well, the entrances of Lautaro and Fidel gave another air to the Elche and the sensation of danger changed the goal. Boyé, with a free-kick (out) and Enzo Roco, with a shot from a corner, were able to equalize the duel, in the early stages of the second half. The buzz began to sound in the stands. Cádiz was playing with fire and would end up burning. Lautaro and Ponce connected nine minutes from time for the second to score with an accurate header. A goal that went up on the scoreboard despite being offside. Iglesias Villanueva, from the VAR, checked it, although not enough. Ponce was in a clear illegal position at the start of the play. Cádiz tried until the end with chances from Negredo and Sobrino that narrowly missed, but the result did not change. Fair loot as seen in the second half. The tie is a A blow to Cádiz, who would come out of relegation if they won. A wasted opportunity and a result that is worth neither of them. Another time it will be…


momo mbaye (32′, Fali), Fidel (45′, Clerc), lautaro white (45′, Pere Milla), Ivan Alejo (60′, Brian Ocampo), ezekiel ponce (71′, Roger), Youba Diarra (76′, Fede San Emeterio), Santiago Arzamendia (76′, Alex Fernandez), Alvaro Negredo (77′, Anthony Lozano), Lisandro Magallan (84′, Diego González), Tete Morente (84′, José Ángel Carmona)


1-0, 6′: Brian Ocampo1-1, 80′: ezekiel ponce


Referee: Carlos del Cerro Grande
VAR Referee: Ignacio Iglesias Villanueva, Isidro Díaz de Mera Escuderos
diego gonzalez (42′,Yellow) Helibelton Palacios (61′,Yellow) faith (71′,Yellow) Ivan Alejo (91′,Yellow) Youba Diarra (94′,Yellow)


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