Home Tech Pombal installs NOS 5G smart irrigation in Pombal with impressive savings

Pombal installs NOS 5G smart irrigation in Pombal with impressive savings

NOS continues to give letters regarding the relevant implementation of 5G. In Pombal, the municipality will install a NOS 5G smart irrigation system, which saves up to 30% of water and energy, in two public gardens in the city.

To face the dry season, which was already classified by the IPMA as the driest year on record, this implementation reaches Jardim do Cardal and Jardim do Vale in the city.

30% water and energy savings with NOS 5G smart irrigation

This NOS Smart Irrigation service has a set of solutions that collect detailed information on water consumption and the status of the plant, which allows for more efficient, remote and real-time management of green spaces.

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The management platform will analyze the weather information from online forecast sources, detect the optimal irrigation periods and adjust the amount of water used in irrigation based on the water needs of the land, thus avoiding consumption above what is necessary and maximizing the resources.

Installation allows connection of multiple devices without wires

It should be noted that the installation allows the connection of a large volume of devices without the need for wires or cables, thus being simpler and cheaper. In addition, 5G ensures greater reliability of the entire process, and all monitoring and management can be done remotely, through the computer or APP.

“In a year in which the accumulated precipitation was close to half the average value observed in recent years, technology and 5G can be allies of the regions to save water. Through more efficient systems it is possible to reduce water losses due to leaks or malfunctions and optimize irrigation periods”, says Manuel Ramalho Eanes, Administrator of NOS.

Pedro Pimpão, Mayor of Pombal, says that “this is another innovative project integrated into our strategy of harnessing the potential of new technologies to improve the performance of our services and make Pombal an increasingly modern and intelligent territory.”

NOS also highlights that these solutions reach their full potential through ultra-fast speed, low latency, security, reliability and connectivity offered by the new generation of mobile communications.

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