Polar Bear Attacks Tourist Camp –

A polar bear attacked a tourist camp in Norway and injured a female tourist, the bear was later killed.

According to the international website, the local governor of the remote Svalbard Islands in Norway says that a polar bear attacked a tourist camp on Monday, August 8, injuring a French tourist.

Authorities say the woman’s injuries in the incident were not life-threatening, but the bear that attacked her was later killed.

The victim was part of a tourist group of 25 people who had set up their tourist camp in Svalbard, in the central part of the Svalbard peninsula.

The woman was later flown by helicopter to a hospital in Longyearbyen, the largest settlement on the Svalbard peninsula. After the first attack, the bear was shot, after which it got scared and ran away.

Later, the bear reappeared in an injured state, after which it was controlled, thoroughly medically examined and then put to eternal sleep with the help of medicine.

It should be noted that there are about 20 to 25 thousand polar bears in the Arctic regions of Norway. Polar bears can be aggressive animals and have been known to attack and kill people.

Polar bears have also often been seen preying on humans when food is scarce.

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