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Poland beat Saudi Arabia 2-0 to move to the top of Argentina’s group

Poland beat Saudi Arabia 2-0 to move to the top of Argentina's group

The Polish team took a key step in search of their qualification for the round of 16 after defeating Saudi Arabia 2-0, which seemed to be able to repeat what was done against Argentina, but then it faded and ended up falling to leave the Group more open never. Piotr Zielinski and Robert Lewandowski, two of the figures of the Polish team, scored the goals for the winner, Argentina’s next rival on the last day.

After the global impact of beating the Argentine National Team, Arabia showed the same ambitions at the start of the game, where it looked better than Poland, which seemed to repeat the poor image it had left in its debut against Mexico. However, the effectiveness he had against the Albiceleste, this time was not a Saudi attribute, quite the opposite: the arrivals of the green team collided again and again against the hands of goalkeeper Wojciech Szczesny, who even covered a penalty in the end of the first stage that could change the history of the match.

When Saudi Arabia played better and dominated the match, Poland found the advantage with a finish from Zielinski after an assist from Lewandowski. In this way, the procedure opted for what Poland wanted, giving up the initiative and hoping against it to increase.

The Saudis had the tie at the feet of Salem Al Dawsari, one of Argentina’s executioners, but Szczesny excelled by deflecting the penalty in the last play of the first half. Already after that, their attacks did not have the same depth and Poland began to feel more comfortable. The perfect closing was the goal of Lewandowski, who was in charge of sealing the victory with his first goal in World Cups after five games and the bad drink for the missed penalty against Mexico. The former Bayern Munich player took advantage of an error in the Saudi defense and defined softly before the departure of goalkeeper Alowais to ensure a key victory and wait more calmly for the game against Argentina.

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