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Pogba is still possible

Pogba is still possible

Paul pogba (28 years old) returns to enter with force at Real Madrid radar. The Frenchman is in his last year of contract with him Manchester United, has not renewed, and presents itself as a fantastic market opportunity for get free when the current season ends. At white club are aware of this and have been probing the player intentions, who your current club wants renew and that it also has many suitors among the greats of Europe. The good performance of the player in the Nations League has strongly reactivated the white interest.

He is a player who like at the Bernabéu for many years, although in the conversations that Madrid have had with people close to the footballer, there is a clear premise: they have to wanting to wear white. In the current economic situation, the white club no will enter a bid with teams that have no problem offering off-market quantities.

Currently, it charges around 15 million net at United. An amount that, together with the transfer bonus, can fit on the pay scale Real Madrid (it would be to put him at the level of the best, but without breaking the locker room). It’s a similar case at Praise, what rthrew out last year Bayern offers and the Premier to sign for Madrid. The operation fits perfectly into the plan designed for several years in the offices of the Bernabéu, where they simmer the signing of the stars (Hazard, Alaba, Mbappé …), aware that hire them before about what be free or that they enter your last year of contract it seems almost impossible without mortgaging the economic viability of the club.

This is the third time that Madrid is going for Pogba and it will be the final one, in one sense or another. At summer 2016, when he was at Juventus, Zidane wanted to make it the icing on the cake of his first project from scratch, although the player ended up back at United (for 105 million plus 40 commission for Raiola). In 2019, Zizou insisted on his signing, but the negotiations were affected from that bad relationship between Madrid and Raiola in 2016.

Now, however, that situation has improved and Raiola and the white club is it so condemned to understand each other, because two of his clients (Pogba and Haaland) are Madrid targets for next summer. Therefore, in Madrid they trust that Pogba is a more mature player than he was then, that he has moved a lot of money in transfers and that now he only thinks about fulfilling his desire to play at the Bernabéu instead of opening an auction among the most powerful teams.


In the Pogba’s arrival, there are two names that play an important role: Benzema and Mbappe. For the three of us it would be very attractive to get together in white And if the current Manchester United player sees that the arrival of his compatriot from PSG is imminent, that can tip the balance on the Madrid side. Together they won the 2018 World CupThey have a fantastic personal relationship and Madrid’s project, with the new Bernabéu nearing completion and in the World Cup year, would be very attractive. What’s more, Benzema has caught every time more weight at white wardrobe and it would cause its adaptation to be immediate.

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