Plazy raises €300,000 investment in a pre-seed round

The home car cleaning startup Plazy has closed an investment of €300,000 in a pre-seed round. The company was founded by David Brea just over a year ago. With this new capitalization, it has given entry into its shareholding to Jose María Camí, founding partner and president of Acta Hotelsthrough its assets. Also to MOND INVER FUTUR SL, a firm owned by HERMOND FUEL PRODUCTS SL, Importer and wholesaler company in the hydrocarbons sector.

As they have explained from Plazy, this round of financing will allow the company to intensify the growth phase. They will increase the presence of the firm in the peninsular territory, where it currently offers its car wash services at home. With this commitment to expansion, Plazy expects to invoice up to 9 million euros in the next 3 years. Also open market in the main European capitals. “For this we hope to increase the number of plaziers that offer our car wash services at home to 130”it states Pitch.

No water, zero emissions and anywhere

Plazy It only takes a little more than the equivalent of a can of soda to clean a car and make it spotless. The company has found a balance between the convenience of its home delivery service and a commitment to respecting the environment. It is a bet that is penetrating more and more drivers.

“The main advantage of our service is the water saving of about 150 liters per wash, but the convenience of having your car cleaned at any time and in any place is what is making the difference”Explain Plazy’s CEO. It also values ​​the sustainability of its zero emissions service. “We go to the place that our customers tell us with our electric vehicles: to their home, to work, to a shopping center…”.

The client does not have to be present at the time of cleaning the vehicle. You can leave instructions for delivery and collection of the keys. The vehicle is protected by insurance contracted by Plazy, and at no time does it move from the place where it is parked.

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Plazy, a car cleaning startup

Plazy is a technology company that controls all vehicle washing operations from its online platform. Its algorithm takes into account customer availability, weather, journey times according to traffic, occupancy and profitability to schedule service requests to your plaziers, the necessary cleaning material and automatically regulate their occupation so as not to exceed the permitted working hours. In addition to controlling the quality of service, The technology also allows Plazy customers to sign up and pay online, sign up for laundry services and receive notifications for upcoming cleaning dates.

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