Home Sports “Play with Mbappé at Madrid? Why not?”

“Play with Mbappé at Madrid? Why not?”

“Play with Mbappé at Madrid? Why not?”

Madrid forward Karim Benzema has been interviewed on the TVE newscast. The Frenchman, in addition to talking about his candidacy for the Ballon d’Or and the next confrontations of the white team, has once again influenced the possibility of playing next with Kylian Mbappé at Real Madrid.

Golden Ball: “It is a trophy that all the players want one day, it is in their head. It is a trophy that I have always thought about since I was little, but if I can be close to this trophy it is also because of the work of my teammates. It would be everyone’s thing ”.

Play with Mbappé: “I do not know that. I enjoy with him in the national team. Why not in the future? Is a great player. For the moment we have to respect his team ”.

Would you like to play with Mbappé in Madrid: “Why not? I’ve said it before and I can say it again. Sure, one day ”.

Champions match and later, the Classic: “It is a decisive game for us, to go there and win. Bringing in the three points because after the loss to the Sheriff it was difficult. We lost the game despite many chances. And then the Classic is different ”.

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