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Pilar Eyre reveals new theories about Kate Middleton: plastic surgery, depression and infidelity

Pilar Eyre reveals new theories about Kate Middleton: plastic surgery, depression and infidelity

The mysterious halo surrounding Kate Middleton’s hospitalization sparks numerous theories and speculations about the Princess of Wales’ health, and about the situation of Prince William’s marriage. After months of not being seen in public, Middleton was photographed with her husband by a photographer from The Sun yesterday, although the picture has sparked new rumors and some skepticism among followers Royals English.

The journalist Pilar Eyre has closely followed all information about the English royal family. who is not having his best moment: In her section in “Julia en la onda”, the journalist and author shared the theory that, for her, explains the strange public disappearance of the couple in recent weeks.

Kate’s reappearance in “The Sun”

Eyre has launched his ‘Zoom’ section where he talks about the latest images portraying Kate: “It seems like she is wearing makeup, a very strange thing”, commented the journalist, who shows a certain skepticism about the naturalness of the images published yesterday by “The Sun”. Eyre finds it very strange that the royal couple walked through this craft market without attracting the attention of passers-by, and so the journalist said: It would not be unreasonable if the images released yesterday included the presence of extras or actors hired by the royal family.

However, Eyre is impressed by Middleton’s good looks after all sorts of rumors have been doing the rounds about her appearance or health in recent months: “Why have you been saying for three months that you’re feeling so bad?” Pìlar Eyre has asked in JELO. To try to find out the nature of his intervention, Eyre contacted plastic surgeon Vila Rovila, that pointed it out a novel aesthetic treatment that the princess could have undergone.

The possible surgery Kate would have undergone

Eyre referred to this “Neck lift”, a new type of facelift that is becoming increasingly popular and aims to improve the jawline to achieve firmer and stiffer skin. Eyre assures that it was a minimally invasive procedure with very few side effects and that he did not have to take up the entire rest period. All in all, Eyre has a theory that would explain Kate’s mysterious situation.

“I think it was really an issue of infidelity on William’s part.”remarked Eyre, invoking a name already known in the world’s tabloid press: Rose Hanbury, an aristocrat married to Marquis David Cholmondeley, who had a romantic relationship with Prince William.

As Eyre explains, Cholmondeley (25 years older than Rose Hanbury) is homosexual and leads a semi-married life with a well-known English photographer. The family had a very good relationship with the Windsors until Rose was seen at dinner with William four years ago, which aroused Middleton’s anger: since then Rose has not been seen at the English court, although last year – according to Eyre – William and Rose Hanbury said They were spotted having dinner together on Valentine’s Day last year.

Eyre opens up about Middleton’s mental health

“Kate wasn’t ready to be a new Lady Di” Eyre explained that this hypothetical situation would have had a major impact on Middleton’s mental health. For this reason, the princess withdrew from public life for a few months: “The only explanation is that it is serious enough to be a mental health problem.”explained the journalist in her column in JELO.

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