Photo Hebdo: a week of news in pictures

Bright explosion in the sky? Very festive fireworks? No, it is indeed the eruption of a Mexican volcano with an unlikely name: Popocatepetl, which rumbles and spits lava. In the UK, eruption, but in anger this time with an aquatic demonstration for British swimmers protesting against the discharge of sewage into the ocean by bathing with a mask. In the streets of Toulouse (Haute-Garonne), a man on a scooter finds himself face to face with a minotaur, a 47-ton steel giant, articulated.

A Yorkshire dressed for the Met Gala

A show locked up in a prison. Red carpet in the courtyard of a remand center in Bolivia where inmates marched for a collection they made themselves. fashion in “doggie” its states. In New York (USA), a small Yorkie took part in an evening dressed in dresses, similar to those of actresses at the Met gala, such as Salma Hayek. Stars as if raining with a trail of stars, a slow motion photograph of the sky that highlights the rotation of the earth.

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