Home Sports Philadelphia 76ers plan to trade 2 players to retain Embiid

Philadelphia 76ers plan to trade 2 players to retain Embiid

Embiid’s playoffs have not lived up to what was expected of an MVP, who has been sidelined from the playoffs when they had a golden chance to reach the Eastern Conference Finals

ANDthe project of Philadelphia 76ers with Joel Embiid to the head has wobbled this postseason. The team had a serious chance to go far in the playoffs, as they were just one game away from eliminating the Boston Celtics. However, they didn’t take advantage of either of the two opportunities they had and ended up being eliminated, causing an earthquake in the franchise.

The first consequences were not long in coming, as Doc Rivers was dismissed from his position. But the movements will not stop there. And it is that James Harden is getting closer and closer to the Houston Rockets, who is willing to offer him a maximum contract this free agency. Something that has caused the possibility that Embiid leaves Philadelphia 76ers be more and more real.

Philadelphia 76ers have a plan to accompany Embiid
Embiid could stay alone in the Sixers

The two Philadelphia 76ers sacrificed to retain Embiid

After the firing of Doc Rivers And faced with the prospect of losing James Harden to free agency, Philadelphia 76ers management has begun to act. The goal is to find an All-Star-caliber player who is available on the market and for whom they have serious options. And it seems that they have already found someone who fits perfectly with the Cameroonian.

Of course, to get your transfer, The Sixers will have to give up two important players. The first of them would be Tobias Harris, who by contract would be mandatory in the operation. And the second, by potential, would be Tyrese Maxey, one of the young stars in the NBA today. Two players who would head to the Portland Trail Blazers.

Lillard, the goal of the Sixers

How can it be otherwise, the player who would head to the Philadelphia 76ers would be Damian Lillard. The point guard, included among the 75 best in NBA history, would be the star they want along with Joel Embiid. A star who, due to conditions, seems to be the ideal one to play alongside the Cameroonian. But to achieve this they would have to sacrifice great depth on the bench.

Be that as it may, Philadelphia 76ers don’t have many more options to retain Embiid. Even less if they lose James Harden in free agency, since they could be forced into a very high contract for five seasons, something they are not entirely sure of. That is why, if they lose it and do not get a new star, there are serious options that the Cameroonian’s patience will end up running out.

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