Peter Federico, another jewel of Dominican origin who seeks Everest

Peter took a short ball, and against three defenders on top of him he made one of his usual escapes, as if he were a dribbler in the highest Brazilian style, and a la Messi! No, it is not an exaggeration. Although he has a name from the favelas, including his “feeling”, this unashamed young man has Dominican blood running everywhere.

And in the White House they are not surprised by so many resources in one piece.

Peter Federico González Carmona, born in Madrid to the Dominicans (Julio González Florián and Ángela Carmona Matos), is making his way quickly at Real Madrid, with whom despite only turning 20 joules, he has already had three appearances with the squad of the Castellana, and joins the also Hispanic-Dominican Mariano Díaz in the Castellana.

Peter Federico, with explosive legs capable of leaving all his defenders behind and putting “the bullet where the eye marks”, has abruptly attracted attention, with a diversity of talents only typical of the great figures of world football.

Consecrated in his winger and full-back positions (right and left), with a left foot that also recalls the dribbles of the “God”, Diego Maradona, Peter Federico has the only scoring barrier left to storm the interplanetary galaxy. He has an amazing ability to break traps, just like the dazzling Argentine and Lionel Messi did theirs.

With a significant height (5´, 11´´) and left-handed wizards, the lanky player grows like a passer of lineage, especially the ball shots to the area where the prey is slaughtered.

the galactic leap

The Hispanic-Dominican -known as “Peter”- is the closest thing to the explosive Vinicius Júnior (identical position), with a much higher offensive standard than other rivals in the Madrid attack, such as Marco Asensio and Rodrygo, three players whose only advantage lies in their scoring definition, mainly the first.

Peter Federico has the package to become a superstar as soon as the scoring aspect improves, because his assisting nose is devastating, despite the fact that the greater use he receives from the coach, Raúl (as a winger) has not yet exploited his entire arsenal. He confirmed it with a “Messi-style” ball that he gave to Luka Jovic in one of his spectacular passages with Real Madrid (called up for emergencies).

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Peter Federico, who signed an extension two weeks ago (2025) with increased salary, has two seasons with Real Madrid Castilla, where he has scored five goals, with eight assists in 57 games.

The extension with Real Madrid (rescission clause for 50 million euros that would rise drastically later), makes clear the future of this pearl, which promises to become the best player conceived by pure blood from Quisqueyana. The White House takes it very slowly, to crown it at the best time.

Due to the enormous offensive skills, an impossible hand-to-hand, the “11” of Castilla (27 with the Major) already has many suitors who asked Florentino Pérez about his availability in the recently concluded summer market, including the Dutch giant Feyenoord, to which the president responded by slamming the extension door.

Will he play in JJOO with RD?

The Dominican Republic has the golden opportunity to catch him again before Spain takes him, especially since the explosive versatile midfielder showed great commitment when he represented the tricolor with the U15 (2017).

The country went from being unknown in the football world to bursting not only into FIFA tournaments (U20 World Cup in 2023), but also entered the Olympics in the Concacaf Pre-World Cup, in one of the greatest historical feats of national sport .

And Peter Federico, despite the fact that he already did it with the tricolor, is not even remotely ruled out for the Motherland, since the federation of the discipline (Fedofútbol) is very clear that any offer from his native (Spain), can make him change the past

Peter Federico would be the perfect piece for a squad that cannot stay where it came from, and face a major future challenge with relative success.

Peter’s participation with the U15 was in five games, in which he scored a goal against Nicaragua. It is noteworthy that at the close of the match (against Cuba) he played severely tired, according to the coaches at the time.

With Peter Federico there is no time to waste, for whose low-level flight undertaken has to be attacked quickly to disembark him in Paris 2024.


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