Pepe continues to fall, but new MyLady memecoin rises bizarre 10,000%

The crypto market fluctuated yesterday due to new inflation figures and a false alarm. Nevertheless, many prices recovered fairly quickly to about the same price, which may make the market look a bit dull. The recent hype about memecoins seemed to cool down for a while, so we see many of these coins falling the hardest. Yet another new memecoin is attracting attention and quite a bit. However, the total market capitalization is down 0.5% to $1.179 trillion.

Bitcoin back around $27,400

Bitcoin (BTC) shot above $28,000 yesterday, immediately after the release of the US inflation figures, but then fell even faster due to fake news. Subsequently, BTC was able to recover to USD 27,500 but is falling to USD 27,400 at time of writing as sentiment turns more negative and analysts expect a further decline.

Ethereum back around $1,820

Ethereum (ETH) first rose to $1,890 yesterday, then plunged to $1,790, then recovered to $1,840, but is falling again this morning to $1,820. This means that the ETH price is 1% down today. In the meantime, it is clear that there was no major outflow after the last major update, even more ETH is now being staked than before.

Polkadot fastest riser in distributed crypto top 10

The rest of the top 10 is somewhat divided today. Dogecoin (DOGE) is the loser out of the top 10, falling 1.4% below USD 0.072. Polygon (MATIC) is down 1% below USD 0.86. Ripple (XRP) is back around $0.423 and is down 0.7%. Solana (SOL) is at $20.5 at the same price as 24 hours ago.

Binance (BNB) is up just 0.2% today at $311.6. Cardano (ADA) is currently falling, but is still up 0.5% at $0.36. Polkadot (DOT) is today the winner of the 10 largest crypto (excluding stablecoins), rising 1.3% to $5.4.

Pepe again hardest descender crypto top 100

Earlier this week, the price of so-called hard forks of bitcoin sharply up due to the rising costs on Bitcoin. However, bitcoin cash (BCH) is down 5% today and is down to $114. Bitcoin sv (BSV) even drops almost 9% to $35.7.

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radix (RDX) also takes a big hit, falling 6.5% to $0.071. However, it is once again the pepe (PEPE) memecoin that is falling the hardest. With a price of $0.0000016, PEPE is down more than 16% today.

UNI, KAVA, ATOM hardest climbers crypto top 100

Yet in the top 100 we have a handful of races that turn green. For example, uniswap (UNI) is up 3.5% to $5.14.

Kava (KAVA) re-enters the top 100 after rising 4.5% to $0.877. I think that has to do with the next big update.

Cosmos (ATOM) is today the big winner from the top 100. The ATOM price has held up better than the rest in recent hours and with a price of $10.9 today is almost 6% up. This may have to do with the launch of Neutron.

Mylady memecoin rises 10,000%

Yet outside the top 100 we have a very striking climber. The recent memecoin hype seems to be shifting to the milady meme coin (LADYS) and even billionaire Elon Musk is tweeting about it. The LADYS price is up an unprecedented 10,500% in just 24 hours. However, there are many red flags surrounding the project on chain detective ZachXBT.

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