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Peñarroya: “I am missing something, we are seeded and we will play on Saturday”

Peñarroya: "I am missing something, we are seeded and we will play on Saturday"

The Baskonia coach, Joan Peñarroya, was “very angry” about to be the only seeded team that, together with its rival, has to play on Saturday, “Two days after playing the regular league game and with one day of travel.” The Catalan coach said in the press conference prior to the game against Girona that he does not understand why this is happening to Baskonia, when Barcelona, ​​Real Madrid, Tenerife and Unicaja are going to have three and four days to play the first game of ” playoffs”. “It is what there is once again and the person who makes the calendar will know something that escapes me,” he insisted.

The hypothetical rival in the quarterfinals will be Joventut or Gran Canaria. In both cases, the people from Vitoria have recently played against them and have added victories. Against the insulars in the Buesa and against the green-and-blacks in the Olimpic. But first there is tomorrow’s commitment in Girona. “The team is eager to play after having a ten-day break that we had not even had in preseason”, said the Baskonia coach, who described as “a problem” the fact of being “the only team in the top five that has not played” in recent dates.

For this reason, the Baskonista explained that they have tried to do “the best possible” so that this break affects them “physically and mentally as little as possible and that the team remains connected”, but we will have to wait for the duel against Girona to see if this has affected the Basque squad. “We have the ambition and the desire to do well in one of the most important moments of the season”, assured the coach from Egar, who considered that his team has “the clear idea that a very important week is beginning”.

He recognized that against Girona “it is important to win to be second and have the home court factor in favor in the semifinals”, if they pass the quarterfinals” and, regarding his rival tomorrow, he said that “he has the season figured out, without suffering”. Nothing is played anymore. “Removing that pressure can make them more comfortable, with more confidence or lose tension,” said Joan Peñarroya, who is waiting for the best Girona, who with the addition of Jenkins has gained a player “very dangerous in the line of three”. It will not be an easy commitment to overcome. “It’s a difficult match, but we want to win for second place and because it’s the best way to prepare for Saturday,” Peñarroya remarked.

Finally, he referred to the consequences of the Final Four in the final stretch of the domestic competition. “Barcelona came out quite touched by the Kaunas competition but has the capacity to recover while Madrid has once again shown its level. They are the two teams that traditionally dominate the ACB League and I’m sure they’ll be there again this time,” he said. What he did not comment on is the discard that he will have to do tomorrow, although everything indicates that things will be between Steven Enoch and Daulton Hommes.

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