Ceiling: “I am very happy to have given this joy to the fans. They deserved it for the support they have given the team. The final allows us to play the Super Cup, but we have to see that we are in the final, third in the League and still in the Europa League. It’s a credit to the squad”.

sensations: “I saw a very mature team. Rayo only had the foul and we had many chances. In addition, the team did not despair when they conceded the goal and got the pass. The team continues to grow and mature. It’s time to celebrate, but there are already to think about the League too”.


Euphoria: “It’s hard to stop her. Playing on Thursdays wears you down a lot. But the maturity of the group will allow us to celebrate, rest from the emotional wear and tear, which is more important than the physical. The demand is getting higher, but the ambition is also getting bigger”.

Lightning Goal: “While we were 0-0, Bravo had no intervention. With the goal against, the team continued to believe that what had been done could be done again in the remaining eight minutes. This team has got used to it, because of its maturity, not to play with the score in the head”.

Key: “The determining factor was being as we were on the pitch. The maturity of the team was reflected after Rayo’s goal”.


Joaquin: “Joaquín’s retirement has no date. He continues to demonstrate his physical capacity and his quality. Football retires one, while one is in a position to play, he continues to do so. You have to continue enjoying Joaquín every minute that he has”.