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Pellegrini doubts his future for the new Betis project

Manuel Pellegrini’s work at Betis is unquestionable, but both the club and the coach are beginning to perceive clear signs that the relationship between the two parties is beginning to crack.

He future of Manuel Pellegrini in it Real Betis offers many doubts. The coach is very happy in the Andalusian capital, but he is experiencing doubts about his future at the club due to the new sports project that is being developed. A new sports project that has already begun with the recent arrival of Ramón Planes, who has become the club’s new sports director.

He has done so to replace Antonio Cordón, who left his post several weeks ago and who is now aiming to join the Greek Olympiakos. All this situation does nothing but generate new doubts in Manuel Pellegrini, who is not sure that the new Betis project be made for him. Not only because of the arrival of a new sports director, but because of many other factors.

Pellegrini plans to step aside at Betis
Pellegrini rethinks his future at Betis

The new Betis project makes Pellegrini doubt

As we have mentioned, Real Betis has started a renewal process in its management and sports structure. The intention is to promote a new project that will lead the team to achieve greater goals and objectives in the coming seasons. However, this restructuring has generated certain doubts in Pellegrini, since he loses one of his main backers within the club.

The output of Antonio Cordón, who played a key role as a link between Pellegrini and the board, has left the coach in a more vulnerable position. Cordón was a defender of Pellegrini’s project and his departure has raised questions about the continuity of the Chilean coach in the team. But not only that, but the Chilean coach feels signs of wear on the squad.

The squad, key to the future of Pellegrini

Likewise, and as we have just mentioned, Pellegrini is beginning to perceive signs of wear in the squad from Real Betis. Despite having experienced great seasons with this group of players, the team has shown ups and downs in its performance and has not been able to maintain consistency throughout the second half of the season.

This has led the coach to reflect on his future at the club and assess whether he wants to continue leading the Verdiblanco team. That is why, now more than ever, Pellegrini’s future at Betis is up in the air. But not for sporting reasons, but because of a consensus decision by the coach, who would consider that the time has come to step aside and for a new coach to take on this new project.

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