Home Sports Pedrerol speaks clearly of the possible signing of Ferreras by El Chiringuito

Pedrerol speaks clearly of the possible signing of Ferreras by El Chiringuito

The presenter of Al Rojo Vivo is always in the pools to join the Mega program

The presenter of The beach bar has come to pass the information that places Antonio Garcia Ferreras as a new signing of the program. Can’t deny Pedrerol the tireless work to perpetuate a format on television. It is not easy at all to fill in three hours of the program each night with the willows you have.

But if they were accused of not giving information, in recent times, with the departure of Messi of FC Barcelona, the mess of transfers in Can Barça and the possible arrival of Mbappe to the Real Madrid, Pedrerol is teaching a lesson in what journalism should be. In fact, he has come to give up part of his vacation so as not to miss anything important.

Ferreras Chiringuito
Pedrerol has been trying to sign Ferreras for El Chiringuito for a long time

A Pedrerol increasingly committed to information

The information with relevant topics in the world of football has made Josep Pedrerol grow a lot. Because El Chiringuito is not just debate and controversy. In these days in which the most frantic Pedrerol has been seen, there have been many who have asked for something.

Because they see that Josep Pedrerol has more and more weight in Atresmedia. However, they do not finish seeing that soccer has its weight in La Sexta. Political information is imposed above all and football tries to break through with Pedrerol. But they are still on Mega, at night and without much more prominence than what they generate on social networks.

Ferreras possible signing of El Chiringuito

However, this impetus with which Josep Pedrerol works is very reminiscent of that of his friend García Ferreras in Al Rojo Vivo. And viewers wonder what would happen if these two communication animals got together on a television show.

Aunar El Chiringuito and Al rojo vivo. See Ferreras in prime time doing journalism. This is a signing that many are asking for El Chiringuito, since Ferreras, a great friend of Florentino Pérez, is also very informed about the world of football. Well, Pedrerol has attacked the possible signing head-on: “Ferreras doesn’t dare to come,” he says.

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