DC announced that the first trailer for the series Peacemaker will debut next week at the long-awaited DC Fandome which will be held on October 16, 2021. Peacemaker is a series derived from the feature film The Suicide Squad of James gunn. The film half rebooted the artistic shipwreck of the same name released in 2016 under the guidance of the filmmaker David Ayer. Taking some parts of the story in place and some characters, The Suicide Squad had generally pleased DC aficionados by orchestrating a few well-felt moments (and a daring opening scene where three quarters of the characters were sacrificed).

This success was not particularly felt in theaters with only 167 million dollars in revenue for 185 million budget even if we do not yet have knowledge of the film’s recipes on HBO Max. In any case, the extended universe seems to have made DC to extend the adventure since a series Peacemaker, always carried out by James gunn, will tumble on HBO Max with a return from John cena in the character. This one will then be brought back to life after being left in bad shape in the film.

In a message from twitter account “Peacemaker on HBO Max “, it was announced that the first trailer will hit the web next week during the DC Fandome.

The details of the plot are for the moment carefully kept under lock and key but we will be able to see these next adventures of Peacemaker as of January 2022, exclusively on HBO Max.


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