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Pastore forces Elche CF to ask Sevilla FC for a favor

There is talk of a crossing of favors that could end in the positive closing of this winter market

Elche CF you have in your hands the possibility of giving correct handling at the exit of Javier Pastore. And it is that the Argentine international has consulted and reached the conclusion that it is time to step aside, cooling the future and getting into the area back to Argentina with Sevilla as a spare wheel.

Why does the Seville immersed is very easy to answer. And it is that the Hispanics have the player that they believe is the one to fill that space and is called Oscar Rodriguez. This midfielder does not have any option to play in the future in the team of Lopetegui and therefore the idea is to shield it so that it continues to grow there.

Villareal CF
Óscar Rodríguez has received offers from various parties to leave Seville

The Pastore theme is a determining factor for Elche that desperately seeks to reposition itself on the route of permanence

Without the Argentine token, to tell the truth what they lose is very little. The player was performing much less than expected and the idea was for him to gain minutes to raise his level. As that has not happened, what continues is to give him the opportunity to return to his country where he is awaited by a giant.

The press of that country talks about the possibility that Boca Juniors is the team that adopts him from now on. Not only do they have enough money, but they also have something special which is the closeness of their vice president, Juan Román Riquelme, to the player who passed through PSG.

Óscar would be willing to provide an internship in Elche before returning stronger

On the sides of Oscar the situation is very clear, the player seeks to have minutes and apparently this is the best way to guarantee it. His transition has been complicated and outside of everything, he has been very closed in his opportunities at the head of the team. The last big disappointment was in a Cup match where, apart from bouncing, he missed a penalty.

With your head down and knowing what’s cooking behind your back, you want to ensure an ideal season finale. In Elche he could have many opportunities to play at a very high level, now that the team is going to show a greater absence in that area. At this moment it depends a lot on Monchi and the agreements reached.

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