Pascual is looking for an alternative for her milk after being excluded from Mercadona


The Pascual Group will try to compensate for Mercadona’s decision to remove its milk from the shelves of many of its stores by putting it on the market in other ways so that consumers can continue to buy it, the company’s president announced , Tomás Pascual.

“I’m afraid I won’t be on all the shelves. “I will try to be on other lines and bet outside the home,” Pascual assured in statements to journalists in Ortigosa del Monte (Segovia) during a visit to the Bezoya factory in that city, a brand that turns 50 years old .

The group’s president has linked Mercadona’s decision to stop selling Pascual milk in many of its supermarkets to “commitment to its brand” or distribution brand, although the company will continue to offer other Pascual products such as Bezoya.

Mercadona points out that Pascual is “a great supplier.”

The businessman assured that the industry “needs wide distribution to reach the consumer”, so both compounds must “work together” for greater “collaboration”.

Sources from Mercadona have indicated that Pascual is “a great supplier” and that they work with many of their products such as water, bi-fruit, smoothies and vegetable drinks, and in the range of basic dairy products they indicate their references in these areas where it offers added value to the customer and he asks about it.

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Regarding the white or distribution label, Pascual affirms that it offers a competitive advantage that many brands cannot achieve, although this has been less noticeable in mineral waters, where the differences between them are easier to see.

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