Paris: hundreds of “massage” salons would conceal prostitution


Zéromacho, a network of activists against prostitution, draws an alarming report. According to its members, nearly 300 massage parlors in the capital actually cover a vast network of prostitution. Last week, the Paris prosecutor’s office was informed.

To arrive at this observation, the association explains in particular on his site that during the summer, one of its teams traveled the streets of Paris to identify the so-called Asian “massage parlors” which are, she says, in reality prostitution establishments.

During their survey, the volunteers spoke with the girls who work there and also met with clients. The observation is often the same: sexual services are offered with the keyword “finish”.

Frédéric Robert, the program manager notes that the women who work there are 85% from China and 14% Thai. “They are isolated, vulnerable people, victims of human trafficking and that does not seem to bother anyone,” he laments in the columns of the Parisian.

They often remain alone to chain the passes sometimes for more than twelve hours in the shop.

A network that continues to grow

“We found 300 of these so-called” salons “, with a record concentration – 55 – in the 17th arrondissement, especially in the south-eastern quarter,” Zéromacho wrote on his site.

In general, they welcome a wide variety of customers: young men and older men. They stay on average about thirty minutes. The prices are not displayed in the salons and the negotiations are carried out separately with the customer. Therefore, the prices vary according to the trade fairs and can exceed the sum of 100 euros.

Many salons are opening as demand from customers increases. The findings of the survey highlight that: “Every day thousands of men commit the crime of buying sex.”

The police are distraught by the phenomenon because the facts are difficult to characterize. However, the authorities ensure that they remain attentive and to pay attention to the emergence of new exhibitions.


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