Papu Gómez sacrificed from Sevilla FC to attack at Inter Milan

Once again there is talk of the departure of the Argentine attacker in the Seville entity but this time with connotations closely linked to the future of the club that also have to do with the Italian team

Despite having returned from the World Cup in Qatar with the champion’s medal, the extreme left Alejandro Papu Gomez has not exited the output folder in the Sevilla F.C.. Jorge Sampaoli remains convinced that in his squad there must be a radical change in almost all of his fields, and the gaucho attacker appears as an obligatory replacement.

Monchi’s idea is to reinforce a team that is capable of making us forget this unfortunate season that the club nervión. That if they manage to save the category at the end of this course. The plan is simple, make high-quality signings in the different areas most vulnerable (if not the whole scheme) and dispose of all the discards. including that of Papu Gomez.

Sevilla accelerates the departure of Papu Gómez to find the signing of the Turkish Hakan Calhanoglu.

Monchi already has the first signing for the core in mind, but Papu Gómez must leave first

On the sports director’s agenda there is already a rather striking signing for Jorge Sampaoli, but it requires a great financial effort in terms of his record. For this reason, the discards must come out with the highest emoluments, and in that sense there is the former Atalanta striker. After said operation takes place, they will attack Inter Milan.

There is the Turkish midfielder Hakan Calhanoglu, one of Simone Inzaghi’s most valuable pieces in the midfield. However, the player’s contract ends in 2024 and from what some managers have learned, the midfielder does not want to continue at the Nerazzurri club. For this reason they feel that this year’s summer market is the perfect opportunity to cash in on it.

Sevilla must hurry with the departure of Papu Gómez and the signing of Hakan Calhanoglu

The offices of the Sevillista club have received information about a renewal that is being developed from within the Italian team. This one has to do with the Turkish midfielder, and because of the details, it is very generous with the player’s compensation. This in order to convince Hakan Calhanoglu to renew his contract until 2026.

If Inter achieves its goal it will be quite difficult for Sevilla to sign the Ottoman midfielder at a good price. That is why Monchi must speed up the output of the discards to give monetary margin and allow to put together a contract that is to the liking of Hakan Calhanoglu. In that order of ideas, the one who should leave the Seville entity first is undoubtedly Papu Gómez.

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