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Pantera Capital CEO: Billions of People Will Soon Be Using Blockchain Technology

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Dan Morehead, the head of institutional assets at Pantera Capital, predicts a bright future for the crypto industry. According to the CEO of Pantera Capital, the bull market is on its way and it will not be long before billions of people are using blockchain technology.

Crypto will change lives in the next decade

In an interview with CNBC, Morehead says that cryptocurrencies will gain popularity in the future because of the improvements they potentially bring to our payment systems. “The most important thing to remember is that crypto is so disruptive that it will change many aspects of our lives over the next decade,” said Morehead, an optimistic one.

Furthermore, Morehead predicts that billions of individuals will use the technology in the coming years, which will inevitably boost the prices of digital assets. “I foresee a world where risk assets will still struggle in a few years, but blockchain tokens are already at their all-time highs,” Morehead continues. “Hundreds of millions of people are already using blockchain technology today, but in four to five years that will become billions,” Morehead envisions the future.

Morehead’s past predictions accurate

It all sounds impossible what Morehead is shouting here, but in the past the predictions of the CEO of Pantera Capital have been quite accurate. In March 2020, for example, he claimed that the Bitcoin price would reach a new all-time high in the following 12 months. Exactly one year after his statement, the Bitcoin price peaked above $ 60,000.

However, according to Morehead, most people focus too much on Bitcoin, while there are also many other valuable protocols. “We are all used to using Bitcoin as a gateway to the blockchain world, but there are hundreds of interesting projects out there,” said Morehead. He expects an average price gain of about 250 percent per year for the Bitcoin price for a long time to come.

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