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Our own army is enough, Azerbaijan responds to Iran’s statement

Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Leila Abdullahifa called Iranian Foreign Minister Amir Hussein Abdullahian’s accusation that Azerbaijan was gathering fighters and terrorists in the disputed territory baseless.

The Iranian foreign minister had accused Azerbaijan of recruiting mercenaries and terrorists in the Nagorno-Karabakh region during the war last fall.

According to the spokesman, Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev has said that he does not need mercenaries because he has more than 100,000 troops of his own.

A spokesman for the Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry sharply criticized the Iranian minister and called on him to stop making baseless accusations and slanders against Azerbaijan.

He said the baseless allegations were aimed at preventing the illegal entry of Iranian trucks into Azerbaijani territory and liberating Azerbaijan from its territory.

“Our advice to those who want to find terrorists is to look around,” said a spokesman for Azerbaijan’s foreign ministry.

It should be noted that differences between Tehran and Baku had arisen in recent days due to Iranian exercises on the Azerbaijani border.


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