‘Oppositionists want to keep Kashmir separate from India’… Director Vivek Agnihotri is furious over IFFI issue

Vivek Agnihotri, director of The Kashmir Files, speaks exclusively to ABP about the controversy surrounding ‘The Kashmir Files’ at IFFI. Vivek said that the forces speaking out against the film are those who want to separate Kashmir from India and those who support terrorist activities against Kashmir.

Vivek said that this statement has been given in favor of foreign powers who do not consider Kashmir as part of India from the very beginning and the same agenda has been pushed under this statement. Vivek said that there is a big part in India, including the set of tools in the country, which has been working against Kashmir and India under one agenda since the beginning and everything that was said against the film in Goa is part of the same narrative. . .

Vivek said that by being a jury, a bond is signed at those film festivals that you cannot express your personal opinion against the festival or against any film, and yet all this was said openly, this is vulgar and propaganda. Vivek said that since four years ago when he was researching this film, there has been opposition to this ‘The Kashmir Files’ and in such a situation, he is not surprised that something so big has been said against his film.

Vivek said that those who oppose his film and make statements against it do not know the history of Kashmir or know anything about the atrocities committed against the Kashmiri Pandits and these same people are victims of propaganda.

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Vivek expressed his happiness for the support received from the Israeli Ambassador to India and the General Council of Israel in Mumbai. Vivek said voices are already being raised against his upcoming ‘vaccine war’.

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