Home Tech OnePlus 9T could arrive sooner with controversial change

OnePlus 9T could arrive sooner with controversial change

OnePlus 9T could arrive sooner with controversial change

With summer already underway, it’s natural to start talking about OnePlus’ next high-end. Following last year’s strategy, the brand should only present the OnePlus 9T.

Regarding this equipment, we have the first rumors about some of its characteristics. The information was shared on Twitter by Savage Inside and reveals a significant change in their software.


According to what is specified by the source, the OnePlus 9T will be the first smartphone of the brand to hit the market with ColorOS 11. This is the interface used in Oppo’s mobile devices, based on Android 11.

If this rumor is confirmed, it is one more step towards a greater interconnection between OnePlus and Oppo. I recall that the absorption of OnePlus by Oppo has recently been confirmed, with two companies sharing knowledge and technologies.

Given what was specified after the confirmation of this maneuver, it is possible that ColorOS 11 is the interface dedicated to the OnePlus 9T marketed in China. Until now, these models were sold with the Hydrogen operating system, so there will indeed be a change in policy.

For global markets, OnePlus continues to claim that OxygenOS will be retained. In other words, if you want to buy the OnePlus 9T, everything indicates that it will not undergo any change in its interface.

Savage Inside also gives hints on what to expect from the OnePlus 9T’s camera. These will continue to carry the Hasselblad seal, but now with a primary focus of 108 MP.

This will be the brand’s first model with a camera of such a resolution, which should improve the quality of the images captured. However, it should be noted that nothing is confirmed yet.

Finally, it only remains to indicate that the source advises that the launch of the OnePlus 9T will take place in the third quarter. This means that the new top-of-the-line of Oneplus could be unveiled in September.

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