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One billion Shiba tokens will be destroyed on Valentine’s Day

SHIB is now worth more than Dogecoin

Steven Cooper, owner of Bigger Entertainment, is going to help the SHIB community this Valentine’s Day. He has organized a burn party on February 14. One billion Shiba Inu tokens will be destroyed during this burn party. To keep this going, he tweeted the following message to his Twitter followers:

“Only 5,600 people would have to pay $5 to destroy one billion SHIB tokens. Let’s build the pot! #shibarmy”

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The mission to make SHIB worth 1 cent

Bigger Entertainment launched its SHIB burn campaigns less than three months ago. The mission behind these campaigns is to increase the SHIB price. Preferably to the 1 cent.

On January 7, Bigger Entertainment announced that it had destroyed 1 billion coins. Bigger Entertainment’s burn campaign is unique. This is because people only need to listen to music playlists. If this happens, a large part of the royalties will be burned.

Another interesting fact about this campaign is that all burns have been verified by Shytoshi Kusama, herself a leading SHIB developer.

According to Shib Burn stats, 3,765,784 SHIB tokens have been destroyed in the last 24 hours with just 2 trades. In total, 410,300,763,616,057 SHIB tokens have now been destroyed. That’s 41% of the initial stock.

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