Barcelona: Cloths; Torrejón (Ana María Crnogorcevic, m.60), Paredes, Mapi León, Rolfö (Pina, m.75); Patri Guijarro, Aitana, Alexia; Graham Hansen, Mariona (Martens, m.60) and Jennifer Hermoso (Osohala, m.46).

Olympian Lyon: Endler; Carpenter (Buchanan, d.14), Renard, Mbock (Cayman, d.81), Bacha; Henry, Horan, Macario; Malard (Le Sommer, m.75), Cascarino (Morroni, m.81) and Hegerberg.

Goals: 0-1 Henry (m. 6), 0-2 Hegerberg (m. 23), 0-3 Macario (m. 33), 1-3 Alexia (m. 41).

Referee: Lina Lehtovaara (Finnish). She admonished Mapi León (m. 32) and Paredes (m. 84) by Barcelona; and Hegerberg (m. 48), Macario (m. 64) and Morroni (m.94) by Lyon.

Incidents: Match corresponding to the Champions League final played at Juventus Stadium in front of nearly 35,000 spectators.


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