A revelation has been given through Esteban Ocon and that has generated a lot of excitement and all this after the French pilot will talk about Fernando Alonso and their respective careers in Alpine. In addition, both were away throughout the weekend and this has raised some doubts.

On the other hand, after the race the Frenchman revealed that for the first time since the last Great prizes, the pilots wore a different configuration because their comments during the sessions did not coincide, a problem that the team will need to solve to Turkey. Or with was far from Ferdinand both in qualifying and in the race.

The Frenchman could only put his car in ninth position and crossed the finish line outside the points, as 14th classified. Ocon shares that he felt no differences from the Italian and Dutch Grand Prix. However, on the track you could see that he did not have the rhythm that Alonso did enjoy.

“I felt good at the wheel, like in Monza or Zandvoort, so there is no particular reason that explains the deficit,” Ocon said at a press conference attended by various media and was heard by thousands of motorsport fans.

The Frenchman assures that this will be something that they will have to investigate, because for the first time in the last races the cars did not have the same configuration since Fernando and Esteban did not share feelings after free practice, something that even Russia did. This is how he has let it be seen by his words.

“The cars have been quite similar in terms of setup in the last three or four races, practically identical. There has been a lot of divergence for this race and we don’t have the same comments from this race. So Alpine has homework and should focus on solving this problem so that Ocon is also able to score points.


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