Obradoiro overwhelms Fuenlabrada and sleeps tenth

Monbus Obradoiro will sleep in tenth place in the Endesa league, which can give them a ticket to play for the first time in their history in Europe next season, after defeating the already relegated Carplus Fuenlabrada comfortably (102-72) on Tuesday , in a game that never had a history.

The Galician team needed to close the regular phase with a win and that Bilbao Basket did not achieve it against Unicaja. Both results occurred tonight, so only Breogán, who has won the basket average and this Friday he plays on the Valencia court, he can unseat him from that tenth place. Despite the casualties of Álex Suárez and Will Magnay, Obradoiro found no opposition from the bottom team.


102 – Monbus Obradoiro (30+21+25+26): Westermann (6), Thomas Scrubb (15), Robertson (22), Vicedo (8) and Blazevic (2) -starting team- Phil Scrubb (13), Zurbriggen (5), Walker (5), Paz (5), Guerrero (10), Muñoz (10) and Niang (1).

72 – Carplus Fuenlabrada (16+19+16+21): Traore (4), Diaz (4), Lewis (18), Kromah (17) and Okouo (3) -starting team- Ehigiator (4), Samar (2), Fernández (3), Vaquero (3), Eyenga ( 2) and Mutambirwa.

referees: Antonio Conde, Vicente Martínez Silla and Iyán González

incidents: Match corresponding to the last day of the regular phase of the Endesa League played at the Multiusos Fontes do Sar in front of 4,712 spectators.

He dominated from beginning to end an opponent who was very erratic in attack and excessively soft in defense. Each loss of the Madrid team, greatly diminished by casualties, was punished by Moncho Fernández’s block, who in the first quarter already sentenced the duel (30-16). The people of Madrid took advantage of a Galician traffic jam to get a little closer on the scoreboard, but it was a mirage.

Not even the 35 points signed between Lewis and Kromah gave life to a Fuenlabrada which was delivered very soon, which the coach from Santiago, Moncho Fernández, took advantage of to give minutes to the youngsters Santi Paz and Niang.

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