Nun leaves her companion’s skeletal remains in the streets of Chile; It was a “pact” of affection

The discovery of Human bone remains in a suitcase left on a street in Santiago Increasing concerns about crime caused excitement in Chile on Monday. The subsequent publication of a video of a nun in the area’s surroundings added to the intrigue.

It was recently revealed that this case was not a case of murder or crime, but of a “pact” between two nuns to accompany each other beyond death, as the 80-year-old nun, whose identity has not been revealed, said explained to the police.

There was a pact here. “The person died a year ago and since then the other has kept it in a suitcase out of love for him,” subprefect Juan Fonseca told the press.

The police came to her after a video was released in which appears in religious clothing near where the suitcase with the bones was found in the central municipality of Ñuñoa in Santiago.

According to police, the 58-year-old nun died around April last year, probably as a result of an illness.

The other nun did not notify authorities and decided to keep the body in a cellar. On Monday, around 7 a.m., he left it in a suitcase on the street. A recycler took the suitcase, but when he smelled a strange smell, he left it on the street.

“The body did not show any injuries that could be attributed to third parties,” reported Francisco Lana, the prosecutor in charge of the case.

The nun had planned to take him outside to bury him after one of her visiting daughters left.

Given the likelihood that she would discover this suitcase on her friend’s body, she decides to leave it on the street. “That’s the only logical explanation we have so far,” Lanas explained.

The woman was not arrested. The nun is threatened with a sanction under the health law.

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Media outlets claim that the women did not belong to an official religious community, but were “ordained laypeople” who sought a cloistered life.

The nun’s behavior divides opinions on social networks. On the one hand, There are those who defend the woman’s decision to preserve her friend’s human remainsbecause “he committed no crime.”

But also There are those who criticize the pact for its “sinister” nature.

However, the majority rejects criminal punishment because she did not endanger anyone and wanted to honor her religious companion.

With information from AFP.


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