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Nottingham Forest changes the starting price of Lodi from Atlético

In the mattress set they consider that the English team broke their word to execute the purchase option on the Brazilian side, since they want to obtain their pass for a lower figure than agreed.

He Athletic and Andrea Berta are taking very badly the non-execution of the purchase option of Renan Lodi, who was already agreed with Nottingham Forest. And it is that he brazilian winger He arrived at the English club at the beginning of this season, in a loan operation with the idea that the player would stay there permanently.

According to sources close to Atlético, the British team was going to put 30 million euros on the table, to get 100% of their sports rights. The truth is that the time to carry out the transaction has already expired, and the future of the player is still up in the air. Now the sports management will have to draw up another plan for the South American winger.

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Despite the fact that Atlético urgently needs a left-back, Diego Simeone does not want the Brazilian back.

Nottingham tests Atlético with the non-execution of the loan of Renan Lodi

All this has a purpose and that is that the Tricky Trees team (cunning trees) does not want to pay the 30 kilos for Lodi, despite having had an agreement. For this reason, they let the execution of the maneuver pass by, and now they are waiting for a new negotiation. However, in the mattress environment they are very angry, and possibly they will not leave the player there.

Andrea Berta has explicit orders from Simeone not to return the Brazilian to Madrid, despite the fact that they urgently need a left back. Reinildo’s injury and Sergio Reguilón’s departure exacerbates the complicated situation. Even so, the future of the former Atlético Paranaense is not in sight in the Spanish capital, but in the Premier League.

The best thing for Atlético and Renan Lodi is for the winger to stay in England

The mattress sports management considers that the best thing for both the footballer and the rojiblanco team is for Lodi to remain in the Premier League. This is because he has no way to return to Cívitas Metropolitano, and also the left-back has already adapted to English football. This season he has added a large number of minutes, being a fixture in Steve Cooper’s tactical scheme.

Even so, with Nottingham Forest’s gesture of not executing the purchase option on time, Renan Lodi will leave the red and white team, and Berta is already collecting offers in the Premier. The quality of the Brazilian player is very good, and he shouldn’t have problems finding attractive proposals. One of those could come from Newcastle United, where they have done very well under Kieran Trippier.

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