Not everyone seems happy with the passage of the Tour through Euskadi

The starting point has emerged from Guipúzcoa due to the problem of insurance for motorists who do liaison work. They cut crossroads, mark the route and are essential in race safety. The Ertzantza does not have enough troops to meet the entire calendar and the blockade situation is obvious. Last weekend an Under-23 test was held in Zumaia but the next events could be postponed or even suspended if the conflict is not resolved.

The reaction of support has turned into criticism of the nearly 15 million that are going to be invested in the passage of the Grand Départ through Euskadi at the beginning of July. The Basque Government contributes the largest amount of money but then there are considerable outlays from the municipalities of the three Basque capitals and the Provincial Councils. In the case of Álava, there will be more than 40 kms. through provincial territory leaving Vitoria on July 2 and passing through Alegria and Legutio before going down to Mondragón.

The most furious opinion has come from the Aiala Cycling Society, which usually organizes quite a few road and cyclocross events and is quite active during the season. “Working with grassroots cycling since 1979. Our greatest achievement: getting many young people to practice this sport”, reads its base text as a presentation on social networks. What lovers of this discipline do not understand is the expense derived from the passage of the Tour and its consequences.

“Basque. The Basque Country. The BikeCountry. The country of the bicycle and cycling. This is what the publicity of the Basque Government tells us, which has spent a fortune to bring the Grand Départ of the Tour de France. While, “town” races continue to disappear. Grassroots cycling has been dying for years. It is increasingly difficult to get a career. More demands, more budget, less aid from the institutions and lack of generational relief”, they have posted today on Twitter.

Through its official account, the aialesa society adds that “the mirage of the Tour does not let us see what is below. In July there will be fights between politicians to appear in the official photos of the start of the Tour. They’re the same politicians you’ll never see cruising with a pennant”. It is not the first sign of disagreement with the great sporting event of the year. “We would like to have the facilities that the Grand Départ will have. The Tour is the Tour but the truth is that they give it all done, it is discriminatory”, commented Julián Eraso, head of the Basque organization two weeks ago.

On the other hand, the director of the French race Christian Prudhomme today led an ASO delegation that has come to Biscay to examine the last kilometers of the opening stage. Prudhomme has arrived with Cyrille Trycart, responsible for the external relations of the Tour, who has been accompanying you throughout the day in a series of technical meetings. Late in the afternoon, they returned to France with good feelings about the organizational line.

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