North Korea prepares military parade for February amid confinement

North Korea is apparently preparing a military parade for the 75th anniversary of its army on February 8, experts have said, as the regime highlights its "efforts" against the coronavirus and the capital is under lockdown due to an uptick in infections.

The Rodong, the main North Korean daily, today highlighted the "maximum efforts" what Pyongyang is doing to "maintain and reinforce your quarantine barriers to prevent any contagious virus from entering".

"We are dealing with some gaps and gaps that might arise during antivirus work"said the newspaper this Thursday, which also called on the population to maintain "the highest sense of vigilance" against the virus.

The day before, a confinement ordinance came into force in the North Korean capital that will remain until this Saturday, according to what the specialized media NK News reported today.

The North Korean authorities cited as the reason the "increase" of cases of respiratory diseases such as the common cold, although they did not mention covid-19.

At the moment it is unknown if there are other areas of the country subject to the confinement ordinance, which is similar to another issued in May 2022, when the regime recognized the spread of the disease in the country.

North Korea announced last August that it had completely eradicated the virus from its territory, a claim that was quarantined by many experts due to the conditions of the impoverished and isolated country’s health system, and its lack of vaccines and tests, Inter alia.

Pyongyang’s lockdown comes as experts have pointed to preparations for a military parade that could take place on the next important date for the regime, February 8.

Satellite images captured last month show formations of soldiers making up the number 75 during drills at training facilities in Pyongyang, which could refer to the North Korean army’s anniversary of that date, NK News reported.

In the pictures you can also see a "2.8" formed by a march of civilians in Kim Il-sung Square in the capital, a possible allusion to February 8.

The media specialized in North Korea already echoed last December the apparent preparations of the regime for a new military parade, in which it is believed that missiles and other pieces of weapons of the hermetic regime led by Kim Jong-un could be exhibited.

Pyongyang celebrated the 70th anniversary of the creation of the Korean People’s Army in 2018 with a military parade, while the last exhibition event of its kind that has taken place in North Korea was on April 25, to commemorate 90 years. of the foundation of the national military forces.

The regime considers that the Korean People’s Army was founded on April 25, 1932, when Kim Il-sung (grandfather of the current leader and founder of the country) established a guerrilla group to fight the Japanese occupation, although for some years the date was changed. to February 8, which is the day in 1948 that it was formally established.

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